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Monday, May 13, 2013

Isn’t it remarkable the precious treasures in life that are rare, unusual, and authentic! They are things that once found deserve our attention, love, and preservation.

My friend Beth is one of those treasures in my life. Our friendship emerged when we found ourselves teaching a classroom of children (including our own) many years ago. I think we were teaching art and music, right Beth? Even though our lives have taken us miles and oceans apart, our love for each other and antiques and fine design has kept us close and I am so excited to share this opportunity with one of the most amazing women I have ever known.

While Beth’s roots were here in Scottsdale where my husband Mike, Frank (our newly adopted kitten) and I currently reside, my roots take me back to a family dairy farm in a small rural town in Wisconsin. I guess after all these years, maybe I should trade in those barn boots, but I’m not giving them up for good! Growing up in the Midwest where life was simple and work was hard (and winters were long…..too long) really was an awesome thing.

My mother is an avid antique collector and both she and my grandmother were expert seamstresses. My grandmother actually worked for a furrier back in the day when it was acceptable to wear a real fur! Funny, but I won’t forget what she quipped when she spoke of her career there at the furrier……”They pay me as much to sew seams as they do to rip seams!” Gram, I have had plenty of experience with both, too!

So, now you can imagine and enjoy the treasure hunting, antiquing, re-designing and re-purposing that we’re going to do and share with you….Beth in Castle Combe and Jackie in Scottsdale. (Do check out the Castle Combe board Devan and Beth built on our Pinterest site:

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