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Friday, May 31, 2013

Beth was so kind to tell you about the gift we sent to her sister-in-law while writing her last blog.  Truth be told, all those years ago (when we were working side-by-side at the school fundraising boutiques), Beth shared those talents with me.  So, really, she is my mentor and the beautiful gift you saw was a reflection of her unique sense of what is beautiful and enduring!  She herself is an amazing gift!

I wanted to share a few photos of some of the sewing that Beth has done for FMF Compagnie.  What you see in this photo are drawer liners, filled with beautifully fragrant lavender and pieced so lovingly together out of antique monogrammed linens.  Each piece of fabric carefully and intentionally placed to frame the beautiful monograms......

They are lovely gifts to give and as Beth mentioned, they are available on our Etsy store.  We promise to make every gift (even if it is for yourself) very special!

So, while I was taking photos for the blog this morning, guess who was sneaking around my old red French bucket? 

This is our kitten, Frank!  I can't tell you how many times I've tried to get a photo of him so I could share it with you.  No success.....until this morning!  He's not quite a year old, so you can imagine how hard it is for him to be still!  And yes, he is named after a favorite of mine......Mr. Frank Sinatra. (Although, I'm not sure how Mr. Sinatra would feel about it! Ha!)

Ok, one more thing to share with you.  I'm in the planning stages of the military badge pillows and I went out the other day to find a coordinating fabric.  I came back with very fine wool suiting in navy.  I'm using a French white linen piece for the center and backing and will add some unique trim.......

Stage 1:
Stay tuned for more!

I received an email from Beth, we are so excited with all that is going on!  We think you are going to love what you see at the market in Santa Monica!

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