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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Boots or trunks? Memorial Day or Bank Holiday? Even though we speak the same English language, we say many things differently. In the States we name our holiday weekends; Thanksgiving, Labor Day, President's Day, Memorial the UK, they are not as creative - it a Bank Holiday - banks are closed! But we both love our long holidays and this time a year the celebrations head outside, we both crank up the grills, hang the hammocks, put up the umbrellas and enjoy hopefully some sunshine. Happy Memorial Weekend to all of America and a heartfelt thank you to all who have served in the USA to keep us safe and have all the freedoms we have. God Bless you all.
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Another word change in the UK is a Boot are probably envisioning rows and rows of boots for sale, but this sale is not the items that go on your feet. The boot is rather the externally accessed storage compartment at the back of the the US we call it a trunk. The British fill their boot with everything they want to sell that day. I think the British Boot Sales are really more like our garage sales or on a larger scale like our Flea Markets. When the days warm up and there is more daylight, Boot Sales return to the English landscape. Some of these are quite large (100's of vendors). People sell items from overstocked wardrobes, used toys, videos, books to the occasional treasures and antiques. My husband, Jim and I love to go to the local boot sale. We can walk up the hill and through the fields to a local race track that is opened early in the morning. Everyone drives their cars in and opens their boot. Some people sell right out of the back of the car, others bring tables and set their things out and others just put it out all over the grass. When they open the gates, there is a small fee to come in, but it all goes to a local charity which is nice. Jim and I love the hunt for some treasure. Some boot sales we find nothing, but some days we do get lucky and find a treasure.
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At  our local Boot Fair, a couple of weeks ago, this is exactly what happened.  We stumbled upon an elderly man standing alone and looking lovingly at his items, touching them and taking care of them. He didn't have many items, but we spied 2 large trunks (old canvas and wood straped suitcases) with initials and looking to be in very nice condition for their age. Approaching the man we asked if he knew anything about them. He proudly told us they were his parent's trunks. His story began that after the war, (WWI), his father returned from the war to his fiance'. Lovie Jenkins. She was a patient young lady whose heart remained devoted to a young man, Bernard Barnes. The elderly man, who owned the trucks, added " beautiful Welsh names". The trunks had been purchased before the war in anticipation for their future travels. After the war, the young couple married and became the parents to this elderly man. His story was very touching and then he added he very much wanted to sell the trunks as a pair so that they remained together. So we bought them both!!! As we started to carry the trunks away the elderly man quickly wrote down the names of that young couple so at least his story will venture "across the pond".
When we find treasures, we always seek to find 'the story' to pass along when we share our finds. This story of Bernard and Lovie is so sweet but also seems appropriate in honoring Bernard's service in the war as well this Memorial Day Weekend.  Hopefully, Jackie and I will sell the trunks together to a wonderful home in Santa Monica at the Flea Market July 28th.

So this blog is not about a Boot Sale.....but really a Trunk Sale!!!!

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