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Monday, May 20, 2013

Busy nothings.....not Jackie and I! I can just imagine Jane Austen sitting on the river Avon outside of Bath in her beautiful hat waiting and dreaming of Mr. Darcy as Jackie posted in her last blog. But Jackie, while waiting for our shipment to arrive, is probably dreaming of new designs rather than Mr. Darcy. I'm sure if she is wearing a hat, it is to shield herself from the Arizona sun!!! Over the weekend she has been busy sewing, designing invites, searching for treasures and most importantly being a wife and mother. Half way around the world, I switched gears from FMF Compagnie to my local village fete (fete is an outdoor festival). 

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Castle Combe has a stunning church in the center of our village. Every day it is opened by a local within our village, so tourists can peruse the inside. Our village has won numerous awards and accolades for being the most beautiful village in England and everyday visitors from all over the world come to wander through Castle Combe. All of us who live here are very proud of our church and we do an annual fundraiser for it. The proceeds go to maintain the church and we hope to some day have a museum about the history of Castle Combe.

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My busy nothing this weekend was helping in the plant stall. I love gardening so being involved with selling plants is a joyous task. Friday and Saturday we picked up perennials, annuals, and bushes from growers who generously loan us their beautiful plants for the sale. Then we were making signs, pricing and setting up our booth space. Luckily, it was a gorgeous day and the turn out was fantastic. The British love their gardens and everyone couldn't leave the fete without a plant! We had a very successful day. I couldn't leave without buying a few my busy nothings continued last night after the fete. I went back to my cottage garden and planted some of my perennials while there was still sunlight! 

Busy nothings continue to Monday.....I still have a lot of planting to do before the English rains come! But I wanted to show you a very special piece that will be coming to the Santa Monica Antique/Flea Market July 28th.  It is a beautiful holder from the doorway of a church in England. It could possibly have held weekly devotions, prayer requests, announcements and exchanges of correspondence. I think it would be wonderful in an office at home filled with envelopes, stationary and bits of keepsakes. Hope you can come see it in Santa Monica and also be a part of Jackie and I seeing each other for the first time in two and a half years. It will be a sweet reunion as we will be busy do nothing!!! HAHA.
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