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Saturday, May 11, 2013

FMF Followers or Followers of anything Creative, Welcome to FMF Compagnie! 
I am Devan McCluskey, daughter to Beth McCluskey- one of the owners of FMF.

You are probably wondering why I am writing this blog. My mom and her dear friend, Jackie, are starting FMF Compagnie and though they both are crazy creative, my mom is not thee most high-tech person to ever live and even that might be an understatement. She doesn’t own a cell-phone---to reach her you have to call the landline (so lets not talk about texting), she only learned how to email about a year ago and still thinks ‘Myspace’ is relevant to the Internet. Hence, why I am here posting the first blog! I am your typical child of the 21st century. My knowledge of the Internet is extensive, I know the slang such as ‘hashtag’, ‘tweet’, ‘wall’ and ‘repin’. Words foreign to my mom. I am here to educate; the student becomes the teacher—finally! I am home from my freshman year at Penn State (Go Nittany Lions!). I will be in England for a month or so before I head back Stateside. This does not allow me a lot of time to educate my mother in the world of the Internet or help her navigate around this blog. At least she can type though…

YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Devie is home from uni. Absolutely loving having her home. I've been dying to start blogging - I do know what that means!!! But Dev is right; I am truly lame at anything having to do with the computer, BUT I know a little something about retail, searching for antiques and interior design. For over twenty years I was in retail with my mom, Cynthia Hackett in Scottsdale, Arizona and Santa Monica, California. We had Que Pasa, which imported antiques from Mexico and we specialized in Mexican, Spanish Colonial interiors. We also had Yippie-Ei-O on Montana Avenue and sold vintage cowboy collectibles and did Western interior design. My husband's career in 2002 moved the family to Kent, England, so I have traded my Arizona cowgirl boots for British wellies!!!! Jackie and I will be importing collectibles from the UK and blogging about what we are up to. Check out what is coming on the first cargo container on pin-in-terest (See- Mom, it's pinterest!)and watch me progress (hopefully) in my computer skills!!!

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