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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I like a road that leads away to prospects white and fair,
A road that is an ordered road, like a nun's evening prayer;
But best of all, I love a road that leads to God knows where.

You come up on it suddenly - you cannot seek it out;
It's like a secret still unheard and never noised about;
But when you see it, gone at once is every lurking doubt.........

- John Townsend Trowbridge
Beth and I had spent many days designing and creating together when our children were in elementary school.....our planning and discussing and gathering of ideas began with emails back and exchanged, newspaper clippings saved, tagged, and preserved.  

Why, I think our scrap books were what we now know as modern day Pinterest boards!  (Thankfully we actually have online versions of them now, but believe it or not, we still refer back to them to be inspired from time to time!)

During a visit to the US in 2009, Beth packed a suitcase full-to-the-brim of antique white French monogrammed sheets, French ticking fabric, and several pieces of delicate antique floral fabrics. 

When she arrived at my house, her packages of beautiful antique fabrics and linens were all carefully wrapped in "brown paper and tied up with string"..........just a few of our favorite things!!  We had so much to catch up on in that evening!  

After her visit, Beth returned to the UK, and while we never gave up on our plans, life just seemed to keep us too busy to follow through on them right then.  2009 meant that our children were in high school, graduating, making college plans, etc. We were busy moms that had tucked those things away for the right time.


Just this past year, I dug those beautifully wrapped packages that still had their string intact and had been packed away in the bottom of my closet for nearly 4 years...... and asked Beth if she was ready to make this dream a reality after all those years.

"But when you see it, gone at once is every lurking doubt!" 

That's it........that's now!  This is the time!  Thank you Mr. Trowbridge for the eloquent reminder!

We still have so much to do before our container arrives in the US in just a few short weeks!  While Beth is buzzing around getting some amazing English and French antiques onto the container, I have some lovely upholstery & sewing projects to finish.  We can't wait to show you in person!

Our first show will be at the Santa Monica Airport Outdoor Antique & Collectible Market, fingers crossed the end of June!  We will keep you posted for won't want to miss it!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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