Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This morning I received an email with attached pictures from Jackie regarding an order I had placed with our company FMFCompagnie. Now you might find that strange that I would order from our company, but since I  live "across the pond" and I need a special gift delivered that will express my love .........Jackie is who comes first and foremost in my mind. Jackie has always given gifts where she puts special thought in to the celebration, or the occasion. It begins with her thoughtful idea, but it is her heart that is reflected in her detail to coordinating the writing, wrapping and presentation. There are so many times through the years when she has delivered a gift that was so beautiful, I truly did not want to open it. I wanted to admire it "as is" and take in her love and friendship that was wrapped in to the bow.  This past week I was in need of a gift that when it was received, it would express a very heartfelt love from my family and I. Jackie came through......
Very unexpectedly my sister-in-law's mother died. I thought a beautiful gift and a reminder of her mother's legacy would be to give her our lavender sachets with her mother's initial, my sister-in-law's initial and her two daughter's initials. My hope was she would tuck them in her top dresser drawer with her personal things and daily they could be a reminder of her Mom. I just wanted to share with you what Jackie put together and got mailed off.

I have all ready imagined how my sister -in-law will react when she opens it because of the love Jackie poured in to this gift, but I know Jackie pours that same effort in to every purchase from our company. She and I love gift truly is more special than being on the receiving end for us. So, if we can ever help with a special gift request that you have, we would love to be of heartfelt service in every detail for you.
FMF Compagnie's lavender sachets are available on etsy; We make our sachets from old English and French linens and they are monogrammed in the United States. We do find old monograms on napkins and linens and we also make those in to sachets, drawer liners,pillows and custom furniture pieces. Our sachets would make beautiful graduation gifts for young gals going on to college to use in the dorm room. They would also make special bridesmaid gifts personalized.  The possibilities are endless for you and FMF Compagnie because they are custom made.  Please just allow a bit of time.

We will also have our beautiful collection of sachets, pillows and furniture at the Santa Monica Flea and Antique Market July 28th.

I can't help but to show you a few finds this week. I was running errands and my favorite little shop was open and the owner was unpacking boxes from her weekend purchases. It is all about timing isn't it!!!

I loved this brass tray with an inlay of enamel flowers. She said it is from the time of WWII and was brought back from a trip to India. I love the aged brass and the state of the patina. I also found another bread cutting board.......I love these.....daily bread! I also found a set of wood bowls for lawn bowling. They were made in Glasgow and have the name Murray personalized on them. Always on the hunt.....Jackie has been doing the same in Phoenix. You can just imagine our emails going back and forth with pics!!!! So much fun!

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