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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This past weekend my family celebrated Memorial Day together.  It is always a bittersweet day as we are grateful for our Country and the freedoms we enjoy, and yet we are sobered by the ultimate sacrifice that so many have paid.

While we were enjoying the spring flowers and US Flags "planted" in the beautiful flower pots scattered around the patio at Mom and Dad's, the discussion gravitated to our own family patriarchs who served our Country and left a legacy of freedom and opportunity.

General Clyde H. Mitchell
Two-Star Major General, US Air Force

"Grandpa" Mitchell dedicated most of his life to serving our Country in the Air Force.  I've heard that he was a strong, yet caring man.  The medal you see in the photos is a "Distinguished Services Medal".  When I was taking the photograph, I noticed the beautiful detail that went into the well-deserved award.  It is stunning!

"Pop" Funkhouser was also a man who worked hard.  He was wittingly intelligent and invested his life in the growth of our Country during the early part of the 20th Century in the automobile industry.

Mearick Funkhouser
Vice President, Delco Products Division, General Motors

It was really precious family time as we discussed the roles that each of these amazing men played in the history of our Country and our family, and I was also reminded of my heritage in the generations of American Farmers who work, literally by the sweat of their brow, to produce crops and food for our families.

What an honor to remember them all!

The service and commitment of men who fight for freedom as well as those who lead our country with strength, vision, and hard work throughout the ages strikes me with awe.  Their brave commitment to future freedoms, successes, opportunities, and provision is humbling.  

After the long weekend of celebration, rest, and reflection, I came back to Scottsdale and was reminded of a  package that Beth recently sent to me from the UK.  Inside were three incredible British military service patches.  I can only imagine the brave men who were decorated with them.  They are truly beautiful and I'm sure, worn as a result of sacrifice and commitment.

The badges are part of a project that will showcase these "sentiments of strength", but until I am finished, I will have to share bits and pieces along the way.

Here is a peek at one of the badges..........

Dieu et Droit Mon is the motto of the British Monarch in England. It appears on a scroll beneath the shield of the coat of arms of the United Kingdom. The motto refers to the divine right of the Monarch to govern and is said to have first been used by King Richard the Lionheart as a battle cry and official motto of battle, then adopted as the royal motto of England by King Henry V in the 15th century. (We've just had a refresher in British history!)

I'm anxious to continue to share the other badges and finally the completed project with you over the next few days.  Do stay tuned!

In the meantime, Beth and I are busily planning the market; emails are flying, fleeting, racing, and zipping across the internet while we communicate and plan.  We are so excited and anxious to share our things with you!  

The Santa Monica Airport Antiques & Collectible Market is noted as one of the Top Ten "Flea Markets" in America!  See you there, July 28th!

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