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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today is my birthday!  (How's that for an announcement?!)  So many thoughts race through my mind as I think about writing today, posting on my birthday... this message is particularly important to me. 

Maybe I'm getting a bit too sentimental today, so please forgive me now.........but, if there is anything I've learned in 48 years, it's that there are times in life when we don't realize what we have until we reflect.  Let me wait until that time.......never again!  From now on, no doubt, no unexplored dreams, no one left unloved, and I'm not allowed to feign attention or intention!  

How does this apply to FMF Compagnie you might ask?  Very simply, it's about the details and the special occasions! Making, discovering, and re-designing amazing finds into "special occasions" for today, not missing the details in each special occasion that crosses our path.

Did you see the amazing French Bottles and Olive Oil carrier Beth posted a few days ago....can you imaging the valuable storage they provided for a family during their day..........or the stunning church "collector" from yesterday's post that could now be a stunning part of a well-appointed home office?  Those two items are examples of noticing the potential of "special occasions" for use in our daily lives and they are truly beautiful and significant. Precisely why they have been featured in Beth's writings and our blog, so they could grace your presence today with a "special occasion" if you wish.

Yesterday I had the privilege of delivering a custom, hand-made pillow to a neighbor of my sister-in-law.  Heidi reached out asking for someone to make a copy of an antique pillow that charmed the bench by her front door for many years, but weather had taken a toll on the beautiful pillow.

It was my pleasure to re-invent a copy of this memoir, indicative of the decades of thriving citrus groves that were once prevalent in local Scottsdale neighborhoods.  Many of those lovely citrus groves have since been divided and are now backyards and neighborhoods all of their own.  As I worked to re-make the pillow for Heidi, I was reminded of the history behind it and was honestly honored to create a new image of the memoir.

It made me happy when Heidi told me that the pillow was "perfect and just what she wanted".  I hope it continues to bring something "special" to the entrance of her home just as the original did.

Today, let's not forget those special occasions and special friends that go along with them.........Beth and I will be looking forward to sharing our "special occasions" with you in the Santa Monica Airport Antique & Collectible Market!  See you there........July 28th!

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