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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well, Wednesday started very suddenly. I awoke to my mom shouting at me in a panic the van was here for the shipment. I looked out my window to see cloudy grey skies--no surprise, it's England--and thought, 'What it's 12?' Thankfully, it wasn't 12 (half my day wasn't already gone)- but it was 10. The shippers were 2 hours early! As Mrs. Funkhouser (or Jackie as you know her) said 'In America they would be 2 hours late.' So, we're not complaining.....

In one word the morning was hectic. I was not prepared. Half asleep, in my pajamas and bare foot-- great combination for helping. I know what you're thinking, it was 10 you should have been up. Yes, but I'm a college student, what do you expect? Despite the fact that they were two hours early, it didn't take away from the excitement my mom was exuding. The only thing going through her mind was, YES I have more space to buy MORE antiques. Oh brother!

 The shippers were gone possibly in under 30 minutes! After we closed our 400 year old door with a huge shove,  (it weighs a ton) I was chilling, eating some cereal when all the sudden I heard my mom freak out. "Dev, have the movers left?"  I ran to see and they had left to our dismay. We had forgotten one full crate of  old French lemonade bottles!  Boy, was my mom not happy! Hey-ho! Next shipment... Now I will hand you over to my Madre! Toodle loo...

........No they are going to make the shipment. I am going to drive them to Bristol manana (my Arizona roots coming out!!!), because the container is still being wrapped and boxed.  YAH!!!! These bottles are so charming. They have their original porcelain tops with the different French company logos. These would be so charming down the center of a table filled with daisies. The crate is special too. It is quite old and is an olive oil crate and has the company name "Huile Lesieur" stamped on the front. Someone in Santa Monica is going to love these and have to have them all.

Yesterday was so exciting to think our first shipment is now on its way "across the pond". I am so thankful for all of Dev's help since she came home from college. This will be a sweet memory for me that she was a part of FMF COMPAGNIE from the beginning.....pretty sure she won't have the same sweet memory!!! All moms out there - I know you understand!!!! And we had more exciting news yesterday....we were accepted in to the Santa Monica Flea Market for July!!! Fingers and toes crossed the Castle Combe cargo gets there by then. Jackie and I are both buzzing with ideas on displays and the layout of our space.....that will keep me busy in between going out antiquing and Jackie is revving up the sewing machine!!!

My parents live in Santa Monica, so super big bonus for me to get to see them. To see what is heading over across the pond check out our Pinterest page (the link is on the right hand side).......hope to see you in Santa Monica!

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