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Friday, June 28, 2013

#gardencherub #antiquecherub
French - or; en or, d'or
an element, a precious yellow metal used for making jewelery etc

When I think of "gold", I think of a treasure or something of great value.

Beth and I have been searching for "gold" to add to our collection for quite some time now.  If not figuratively in our minds as we dream, then literally as we dig for treasures in far away lands finding things to share with you.  Beth found this antique cherub in England during one such expedition, and it reminded me of yet another piece of "Or" we have to share with you. (By the way, the cherub is one of a pair and they are coming over in our container which is due to arrive this next weekend!  Remember, I'm not good at waiting and it has just taken wayyyyy too long for this container to sail across the Atlantic.  I can't wait to see everything in person.)

Well, this particular story involves a "diamond in the rough", a "one-in-a-million" or maybe another "ugly ducking turned swan" but certainly "one-of-a-kind".

When I saw this ottoman, I didn't immediately think of a treasure, nor did I think of something valuable, but I definitely did notice the gold!  Somehow however, like everything we find, this particular piece had personality, character, and blew the socks off unique!
Let's just say that I wasn't necessarily enthralled with green velvet cover or the spray painted gold legs.  I thought it was a Christmas stool that had gotten lost! Hehe....  But, I did fall in love with this little gem's age and the fantastic lines; albeit on those gaudy gold legs. 
 I was more than willing, maybe even excited, to see what it was made of, and I think Frank may have been as well!
It took some time removing the gold paint and the green velvet fabric with all those old tacks. After a good deal of coaching from my husband (who is a very talented wood worker himself), I almost literally dug for a buried treasure.  My fingers were crossed that the effort it took would be worth it in the end.

What I discovered was a beautifully-aged, antique mahogany footstool frame with the most gorgeous yet handsome legs.  Oh my..........
When I showed Beth the photo above, she had the perfect solution for the appropriate upholstery fabric.  It was an antique French burlap grain sack with a rustic, masculine feel.  It pairs perfectly with the sturdy, stated legs on the ottoman.
Notice the old twine sewing right above this leg (below).......original and sewn right into the grain sack.  
We also decided to use flat tacks to finish the edges and to keep the raw, rustic feel.

But, the crowning feature of this "Or" is the antique French printing that now adorns the top of the ottoman.
Mills Champdotre Gold Coast
It is from a French grain mill in the City of Champdotre in the South of France.  The mill was owned by M. Michelot, and the words Cte d'Or translate to "Gold Coast"!  Wait........was that "GOLD Coast"??  I think I just heard that little cherub sing! 

Gold, perfectly returned to "Or"!

What a fun project it was to complete and we just can't wait for you to see it in person at our market debut. 
You may have already seen our "Shop" tab on our FMF Compagnie blog (click here).  It shows just a few of the many things we have for sale on our website (when it is up and running) and at the Santa Monica Antique Market on July 28th.  In the meantime, feel free to email Beth or I at to inquire about anything you've seen in our collection.  We would love to hear from you!

You will also want to see our page called "Crossing the Pond" (click here).  It has a beautiful photo stream previewing part of the collection we have available. 

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