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Monday, June 10, 2013

I learned something new again today.... Lately, that's been a very normal occurrence for me.  With all of the work Beth and I (and her amazingly talented daughter, Daryn) have been doing on our FMF Compagnie website, I have been really "going to school" these past few months. 

But, that's not what I learned today.  Today I learned that I really do love the work of the famous British composer, Sir Edward William Elgar!  While I hadn't thought I had heard of Elgar or his works before, according to my dear friend, Beth, who always turns everything into a positive, told me, 

"You really know his work.....he does all the pomp and circumstance at all traditional British events. As soon as you hear a few of his pieces you know his work.....I love him....I know you do just don't know it!!!!"                   
--Beth McCluskey, Artist, Designer, & Curator of Fine Things

I thought that was the cutest comment, and yes, I do love Elgar's works and I do know who he is, I just didn't know it until today!  Maybe it was just bringing things full circle or getting the "composition" right!!
Sir Edward William Elgar, 1st Baronet
I did just a bit of research on the infamous English Composer, and found it interesting that he was given the title, "1st Baronet".  Of course, I had to understand that further.....

A baronetcy is the only hereditary honor which is not a peerage. A baronet is styled "Sir" like a knight (or "Dame" for a baronetess), but ranks above all knighthoods. A baronetcy is not a knighthood and the recipient does not receive an accolade. A Baronet is considered a member of the Gentry and not a titled dignity.
--Thank you, Wikipedia!

How about that?  "A member of the "gentry"?!  (Lucky Mrs. Elgar!)  I do believe that Sir Elgar earned his title as 1st Baronet!  Not only was he an epic talent, but it really touched me to read that he was sensitive about his humble origins even after he achieved recognition. Sir Edward William Elgar, 1st Baronet, is truly an inspiration to both Beth and I.  The very fact that his works are still valid, loved and relevant today, confirms his legacy, and he inspires Beth and I to create and leave such a legacy.  

What most impresses me about Sir Elgar, however, is his ability to "compose".


1. The nature of something's ingredients or constituents; the way in which a whole or mixture is made up.
2. The action of putting things together; formation or construction.

Beth and I have also been planning a "composition" for our debut at the Santa Monica Airport Art & Collectible Market, and today we wrote our own, a lovely gathering of photos; photos of the fine things we will have to share with you at the market. It is a carefully constructed snapshot of who we are... FMF Compagnie.

Just as Sir Elgar carefully planned and placed each and every note in the numerous compositions he wrote, we have carefully and lovingly "composed" each piece of the presentation we made for you. 

When you view the slideshow at the link below, you will not help but notice the work of Sir Elgar, but also the rare and authentic art & beauty that accompanies it.  Thank you Sir Elgar, for joining us!  

Take a look and do here on the following link:.

(Be sure to turn the volume up and view it in the full-screen mode.)

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