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Friday, June 21, 2013

In one of my first posts, my daughter Devan shared how I am clueless on the computer, but I am beginning each day to "surf" around and ride some waves! One amazing "ride" has been finding a blog site called Velvet and Linen by Brooke Giannetti. Appropriately for this post, she is building a home in Ojai, California where people truly surf the waves! I was captivated with her site for many reasons - watching her new home  being built weekly, perusing through her and her husband's previous beautiful projects, and watching an evolution of style from one house to the next. Brooke is endearing in how she shares her business, family and constant decision making with grace, so I continue to be a visitor marveling each week with her progress at Patina Farm.
One week ago, she shared her five star chicken coop. I laughed when I read several comments that people viewing wanted to move in! For the first time in my life I wanted to be a chicken - preferably being a French Faverolles, and to be adopted by the Giannetti family! Their chicken coop has been so thoughtfully constructed for the chickens to be comfortable, well fed and entertained.
Jim and Beth as Favorelles!
I also admired her potting area within the coop. So, many of her accessories are old, well used items from previous farms most likely. It was encouraging to see her galvanized sink application, and her vision to take an old sink, re-purpose it to showcase well with her collection of galvanized watering cans, rustic terracotta pots and miscellaneous tools for feeding and giving water to her chickens.
Jackie and I will have two sinks just like Brooke has used in her chicken coop, as well as watering cans at the Santa Monica Antique and Collectible Market July 28th. We will, in addition, have low green buckets, two handle galvanized buckets and many well used gardening tools.
As I am imagining being a chicken, I'm reminded of a nightmare story. My neighbors across the street in Castle Combe had chickens and one night the fox got to them all. Absolutely heart breaking for their two little girls who would regularly wander in the village carrying their chickens like little babies. Just two nights ago I saw this menacing fox dash across my low stone wall at the back of the garden.....I'm back to my senses, I only want to be a chicken if I'm living in the Gianetti five star chicken coop resort!!! And I know I would be loved and safe there!
Just wanted to add another "posh" chicken coop featured in Southern Living....Enjoy!
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