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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#antique bicycle #vintage garden #English garden
#English Garden #vintagegardencontainers

Isn't Beth's English Garden breathtaking?  I love when she shares its progress with us.  She's not new to gardening, though, when Beth lived here in Arizona, her gardens and the grounds around her home were always beautiful, just in an "Arizona" kind of way.

After having grown up in the Midwest where things were green and the growing season was fairly predictable, I have missed and longed for a beautiful green garden. Believe me, I've given it my best, but the "Midwest Farm Girl" in me still thinks that summer is when things grow and bloom and that's not quite the case here in Arizona!

Beth and I both love gardens and the bounty and beauty they bring, and we are always looking for ways to bring the garden inside our homes.  

This English Round Wooden Cutting Board is one such thing.  Can you imagine using it at your family table or during a dinner party to serve your favorite cheese selection?  So charming and tasteful!  I love the carved words that circle the board "Give Us This Day..." 
#Antique Wood Cutting Board #Giveusthisdayourdailybread #Englishcuttingboard
Antique English Cutting Board

In our first container, due to arrive the first week of July, there are several delicate vintage floral fabrics that one would love to have in their "garden"!  I'm anxious to see them and begin pairing them with some of the antique and vintage French sheets and ticking to make beautiful "bouquets" of color for your home.

They will be a perfect addition to the "fragrant floral" pillows we already have in stock.  All of our pillows are made with antique and vintage French fabrics and have soft, luxurious down and feather inserts with zipper closures.  You can imagine while Beth is out enjoying those beautiful summer days in Castle Combe, she's also finding more "flowers" to share with us.

#antiquefrench #Frenchpillows #antique fabric #French home

This set of 3 pillows are some of our favorites.  If you notice, this fabric is the background of our blog page and we think it is soft, feminine, classy, and is a perfect portrayal of our's the petals in life, isn't it?

We also love this sweet vintage blue & cream floral piece that we paired with antique (never-used) French linen hotel towels.  It is the perfect size bolster and lovely for a boudoir, dressing room, or the French chair I have in my office! 

#antiquefrench #antiqueblueandwhite #antiquefrenchlinen #antiquefrenchhome

I recently came across this lovely little bit of English prose, calling us to be certain to tend our "garden".......

An Old English Garden Poem

There is peace within a garden 
A peace so deep and calm 
That when the heart is troubled 
It's like a soothing balm

There's life within a garden 
A life that still goes on 
Filling the empty places 
When older plants have gone

There's glory in the garden 
At every time of year 
Spring summer autumn winter 
To fill the heart with cheer

So ever tend your garden 
Its beauty to increase 
For in it you'll find solace 
And in it you'll find peace

--Author Unknown                    

I'd bet Beth smiled and nodded as she read this......"For in it you'll find solace, And in it you'll find peace."  Whatever your "garden", be sure not to miss the flowers and the peace and solace.......make it beautiful.

It just so happens, we can help you make your "garden" beautiful and we are really excited for you to see our "flowers" and things at the Santa Monica Art & Collectible Market, July 28th!  Check out our page called "Crossing the Pond" for a beautiful tiny "bouquet" of things you will see in our booth at the Market.

One last peek at a pair of "pedals" you will absolutely have to have in your garden!  This antique English bicycle was probably a necessary vehicle for the paper delivery boy, shouting, "Extra, all about it!" as he threw his daily papers on the steps of English cottages all through the village.  When you see it at the Market, we may have replaced the newspapers with ivy and bright red geraniums.  We think you will love it!  Come see us in July!! 

#antiqueenglishbike #antiquenewspaperboy #Extranewspaper

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