Friday, June 7, 2013

Our eighteen year old daughter, like nearly all 18 year old girls is beginning to look for her Mr. Darcy!!! She became a fan of Jane Austen's novels when she was twelve, and since has read and re-read all of them. She has worn out our DVD of Pride and Prejudice and now can recite Mr. Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth!! She has seen every movie and television adaptation of Jane's novels......and so have I!!!

It was a beautiful and romantic period in England and we both love to visually imagine it in the city of Bath. Yesterday while in the city, we snapped this photo going over the bridge of the Avon River. It was easy on such a lovely day to imagine Jane and her friends along the river admiring the verdure and sitting in the shade.
So often I come across pretty and romantic plates with scenes and floral embellishments that look as if they are a scene from a Jane Austen novel. I am sure the makers of these pieces were greatly influenced by her descriptive books of this time period. I found this colbalt blue and white piece and it is almost as if the scene did come from Bath. The bridge, the river, the new favorite word!
I also loved these two plates for their sweet scene of an afternoon stroll and their lovely grey/blue coloring. All three pieces definitely invoke romance and courtship at their finest.
Funny enough, half way around the world, Jackie found this blue and white bowl recently in Arizona!!! It is a lovely old piece with wonderful detail. Notice Mr. Darcy getting cozy with Elizabeth and she graciously taking his hand. I am looking forward to seeing this piece myself in person, I find the triangular holes interesting....wondering did a ladle handle fit there so the ladle did not drift to the bottom of the bowl? I know Jackie will know.
On our route of errands in Bath, we passed Jane's home where she lived with her parents and Cassandra. It is easy to imagine her scripting courtship tales late in to the night about the latest gossip in Bath that inspired her.
This Victorian writing desk is a recent find and what I loved the most about it was the burnt section at the top of the desk. Just imagine Jane writing till the wee hours of the morning involved in her storyline and not paying attention to the wax candle creeping so low that it ignites the desk!
Not far from Bath, I found this old book from the 1800's titled "London Society". I can imagine Jane reading through and with great wit devising new characters. "The Hours of Relaxation" - not sure Jackie and I can relate!!!! Neither can Jane!!!
Oh what fun imaging all this! Maybe this is why Jackie and I are so drawn to old "fine things"....they stir our imaginations to the time, place and happenings around them.

Our errands took us to an antique center, near the Bath Assembly Rooms, where Jane probably went for parties and dancing. We had romance on our mind for this errand. We were looking for Victorian period engagement rings for a family member!!!! This is what happens when you visit Bath, Jane inspires proposals and marriage!!
Another thing that always happens when we spend an afternoon in Bath.............
 ............we want to go home and watch a Jane Austen movie! Last night it was "Becoming Jane" with Anne Hathaway.
Have thought all day about Jackie's cute blog on feet and I am positive Mr. Darcy has perfect feet!!!!

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If you love Pride and Prejudice like Devan, Jackie and I do you might enjoy knowing about the site listed below.

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