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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Since Jim and I ventured to the farm show on Friday, it has been glorious weather here in the Cotswolds. As you can see, we are all fighting over the chaise lounge!!! Devan was lounging on it minutes ago. She got up to go inside to check on the score of Serena Williams at the French Open, and who should immediately go in for the relaxing location, but Deuce! He didn't get to stay there but a minute, when Devan reclaimed it!
I am not one for lounging and prefer to get my color as I work in my garden, so Dev and the dogs lounged today and I concentrated on getting a lot of my plants stacked and tied, watered seedlings, and did some splitting of achillea mollis and replanted them. Now, I might sound like I know what I am doing in an English garden, but I am truly a novice.
In the eight years we have lived here, gardens are a highlight and June is the month when they truly are at their most glorious moment. We try to visit as many National Trust sights as possible this month to see the different garden styles at cottages, Manor Houses, estates and farms. I marvel at flower combinations, wild flower fields with pathways and layers of textures and greens. I admire old brick walk ways, stone walls, garden rooms and views of statues a far. The creativity is limitless and the vision timeless.
We live in a 15th century stone cottage and we were blessed with one enormous bed of bushes and flowers that had been here for years. It had "good bones" as they say over here. The rest was a mess with dead apple trees and over growth. It took us two years to just clear the back garden. We opted for bright Cotswold gravel because it is so gloomy here most of the time and the ease of no mowing the lawn! Everything is just beginning to bloom and in the coming four weeks it will only get better.......I wanted to share with you our flowers and my little veggie plot that has just been planted.....we just had our last frost three weeks it looks a little bleak, but with the sunshine we had this week, I know I am going to be seeing sweet shoots soon.
You'll see some pictures where roses and fox gloves are just budding, so I'll be sure and show you more pictures next week of the garden.
Besides working in the garden I have been trying to design the booth space at the Santa Monica Antique and Flea market. Jackie and I are trying to do the layout before so when we arrive it will be pretty straight forward during set up......we only have six hours to slam it together!!! So , here are some of our ideas on paper. Hope you'll come see us in Santa Monica and see the real set up of FMF Compagnie!

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