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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This morning I woke up to Jackie's blog about Elgar and the fabulous Smile Box showing of FMF Compagnie treasures that Jackie designed. Elgar's Nimrod is replaying in my mind as I wander through the garden this morning. ....oh excuse me, Baronet Elgar! I love that composition!! I am sure Baronet Elgar enjoyed many long summer days like we have been enjoying here and found great inspiration for his music in the garden. We, too, have been loving these long summer days in our village the past three days. The sun is rising early, waking the birds and warming the dew. The sun gazes all day on the flowers from above and then slips away late in to the starry night. These long summer days bring back wonderful summer childhood memories of being lazy and playing Hide and Seek till Mom would ring a bell to come in. Now at my age, I love to be lazy in my garden. Lazy you say! I truly am. I am lazy as I peruse through my garden and take in the daily gifts from God.
Last week I shared a few pictures of the cottage garden. Every day there is a new special flower that has decided to open and what fun I have looking for these. I am not the only one. My sweet neighbors are in their eighties and they have a daily routine of walking through their beautiful garden two or three times a day. I don't mean to eaves drop, but I love to hear them talk about their flowers and hear the joy they share in admiring each one. They slowly meander and comment about how big the blossoms seem this year, or what a lovely addition a perennial has brought to a certain area. Sometimes it is about a need to stake or get some water for the new planting. This time a year they love to entertain and many afternoons enjoy with friends scones and tea and then stroll through their garden. Jim and I have been lucky enough to be guests in their garden and it is such a special treat for us. They have shared plants, given us sound advice on gardening in the Cotswold's and told us many wonderful tales about the village. I wanted to share with you some of our roses and other special flowers that have just started blooming in the past few days. I am no different than my dear ol' neighbors, meandering and admiring.
Dev and I were up early Sunday morning for the local boot fair. The great weather made it the largest boot fair I had ever been to in our local village. Usually, we can go and be back home in about an hour. Sunday
morning I was not expecting the "bigness" of it all with Devan in tow. I knew she would never last more than an hour. After all the hours of being dragged through antique shops in her life, this is not her favorite past time like Jackie's and mine.  I therefore started cruising at a pace so I could see as much as I could in one hour. She does have a good eye, so she watched one side of the aisle and I the other. I wanted to share a few of our "fine things" we found. And we were out of there in close to an hour and a half!!!!
We found these charming heart shaped cake tins, set of three for baking a tiered wedding cake possibly? I have one I found years ago in Arizona that I would fill with votive candles and when the candles were lit it glowed the beautiful shape of the heart. I now hang it on a kitchen wall with a collection of other baking molds I have found here in England. The next picture is of two baker's bread baskets. They would have been in a shelving unit displaying baguettes and /or sweet treats. I would love filling these with magazines or using it as a server for taking out an afternoon tray of stawberries and scones. Then, lastly, we found a box of crystal   chandelier prisms. I could not resist. One Christmas, Jim and I were in Paris and a store had in their display window an entire Christmas tree covered in crystals with white lights. I will never forget it! I could see these being used at a wedding where brides and grooms are dangling votives from trees, to mix a few of these in here and there to create a magical feel.  Or, put them around the edge of an outdoor umbrella to sparkle in the sunlight.

"Good things come in pairs" the old saying goes. We found this blackboard easel which is two sided from a school room of year's past and these absolutely precious Oxford educational reading cards for a year one the States we say first grade, the Brits say year one! Every picture is sweet and special and so charming with the simple story line so the children will learn by having clues from the pictures.
The second pair we found were these old framed pieces, "He leadeth me" and "God is faithful".......all I can say as I finish this blog is He leadeth me through my garden and He is faithful in His daily gifts.God bless everyone. Re-play and listen to Baronet Elgar's Nimrod and review our treasures and you will feel as if you have soared to Heaven and back.

 Click Here to Enjoy Baronet Elgar's Nimrod and Enjoy FMF Compagnie Treasures

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