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Friday, July 19, 2013

Oceanside ~ Scottsdale ~ Santa Monica

Fine Linens and Antiques

What a fun week we have had here in Oceanside, California!  My husband Mike's family has taken a week each year to meet for family time at the ocean.  This tradition was started by his grandparents and they have continued it for 45 years!  Each year we come, the children get a little more grown up (of course, we grown ups never get any older) and it is such a wonderful time to catch up with everyone. Mike and I are fortunate that this year Taylor and Nico have joined us, but we have missed Phillip's presence.  He is back in Wisconsin baling hay and taking care of his beef cattle, something he loves to do! 

While this has been a week of vacation, my mind has never been far from FMF Compagnie's venture and our upcoming market debut in Santa Monica!  As a matter of fact, one week from today, we will be loading our treasures and driving to Santa Monica to set up and get ready for the show.  

This week I've spent hours just watching the surf, the waves, the sand, all while soaking in the sun. The beach and ocean are majestic, powerful, beautiful, and so inspiring! I've enjoyed time to catch up on some reading and it was fun to find some Coastal Living magazines at our condo.  

It was fun to peruse through them!  I love the rough hewn beams on this gazebo and the light pastel colors, including the amazing Fortuny fabrics on the pillows scattered on the banquette.  

I loved this article, too... the beautiful black bamboo chairs in the background were found in one of Beth's and my favorite shops in Santa Monica, Rooms & Gardens, but even better, we have a sweet little antique black "bobbin" corner chair that is coming to the Santa Monica Airport Antique & Collectible Market with us that is reminiscent of this stunning pair from Rooms & Gardens.  Beth also found several large wicker trucks and hampers just like those you see above, also to be found at our market in Santa Monica. 

The sling chairs you see here certainly caught my eye and immediately reminded me of the vintage Welsh sun chairs we will also have in Santa Monica with us!  I wish I had one here in Oceanside with me this week!

I've been taking photos of some of the beautiful things I've seen throughout the week while here at the ocean. I have really appreciated the colors, patterns, and intricacies of each of the lovely flowers........

Remember the vintage and antique French and English floral fabrics Beth sent over?  I think the talented craftsmen who created them were inspired by flowers just as I have been this week!

I am always in awe and reminded of the beauty around me, not only in things, but in people and I am so fortunate to be part of a beautiful family!  They make me smile, laugh, and be thankful for all that we have been given.  They are a blessing!

The Nelson Funkhouser Family
July 2013
Our family departs Oceanside tomorrow, and Mike and I head back to Scottsdale in the morning with Nico and Taylor.  The next week is going to be full of finishing touches for Santa Monica and what an exciting week it's going to be!  Until then..................

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