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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The British are coming....and one lone Yank!

22 days till the market......the countdown is on for FMF Compagnie setting up at the Santa Monica Antique and Collectible Market July 28th!

To be very honest, the nerves are starting to nibble at the old brain and questions arise continually through the day. One key concern has been the arrival of the container in time for the show. We still have some odds and ends to finish once it lands, like changing electrical from British to American, getting some frames filled with mirror and some chairs upholstered with Jackie's creative eye. (Wasn't the gold ottoman a transformation to a beautiful swan!!!) So, timing has been of the essence and luckily last night Jackie received a call from the driver and he was hoping he could deliver it a day early!! YAH!!! It has arrived.  Jackie and I have been joking it is Christmas in July in Scottsdale today. In sweltering temperatures, definitely not Christmas weather, she is opening, unwrapping and beginning to price all the one and only's from England. Bless her for all her hard work on that side of the pond and continent.

Jim and I have been on the hunt for treasures to send back since March and Jackie has only either heard about the items or seen photographs of some, so I have been a bit nervous about what she will think of all of our purchases. Today, I know she is opening all the boxes and I am wondering what she is thinking as she opens a box of British Skittles??? Does she think Beth is going a bit "batty" in her ol' age!!?! I've imagined her unwrapping one - thinking, what is this? Unwrapping the 2nd - guessing they are looking similar to bowling pins? By the 7th, 8th, and 9th plus a few wood balls, I am on pins (no pun intended!) and needles hoping she is as enamoured with them as Jim and I were when we bought them.They are old weathered wood bowling pins distressed from many games of clanking and banging together that has only added charm along with the losses and victories through many years of play. A fun odd collection to display in one's home.

Another concerning purchase has been four lawn boules that I tucked in a fishing basket that went on the container. (We fill every nook and cranny.)  Hope Jackie likes these too. Another sporting item from the British Isles that evokes lazy summer days on manicured lawns with glorious gardens surrounding the players "field". Definitely not a strenuous sport, so wonderfully mixed with Pimms and casual conversation while rolling boules around on the grass. Of course, I love the balls because of this lazy imagery and how beautiful they are.This set is jet black, still quite glossy and has handsome inlayed numerals and initials. I especially love the idea of setting them up on a long desk area showing the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.....Jackie is probably coming up with another brilliant idea for their display in a home......hope so!

It is nearing tea time in England (that means dinner time here!) and I am anxiously awaiting an email from Jackie about the boxes she has opened and what she container landed and we are still on the hunt in England. Yesterday we went to a wonderful antique show and got some unique finds. Just wanted to give you a little tease of some of our new purchases for a Fall ship date.

California here we come....22 days and you can find us in Santa Monica. We hope to catch your attention as you enter the market with our collection of British flags flying in the air. Look for the Union Jacks and you'll know the Brits have arrived and the lone Yankee! We look forward to meeting you and sharing our collection with you. Cheerio till Santa Monica Antique and Collectible Market.

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