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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Hills are Alive........

The hills are alive with the sound of music
With songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music
My heart wants to sing every song it hears

My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds
that rise from the lake to the trees
My heart wants to sigh like a chime that flies 
from a church on a breeze
To laugh like a brook when it trips and falls over
stones on its way
To sing through the night like a lark who is learning to pray

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely
I know I will hear what I've heard before
My heart will be blessed with the sound of music
And I'll sing once more

Are there times when your heart and soul come alive? When something overwhelms you and creates a sense of beauty and peace within you? I can imagine that each of you holds a memory.......something very special, that fills your own heart with the sound of music.  Maybe a thought, a place, a memory, even something tangible that becomes a symbol of something sweet or precious, something that reminds you of ........ well .......just that!  It just so happens that I'm no different and I know for a fact that my dear friend Beth, is exactly the same way, too! How do I know?  Let me share some sweet tidbits about our friendship with you.....  (While you are reading, feel free to play the video above......I hope you are so inspired that your spirit soars as ours do when we think of hearing the whispers of prayer, blessings, and life in the "hills"!)

Since our last writing, Beth has been traveling and doing some really important things while here in the States...milestone family birthdays, babies off to time!  I feel so sentimental but have to say that with each and every passing day, we both understand more about the preciousness of each and every moment of each and every day! I am so very thankful that she can enjoy those moments with her family. So, my apologies for not writing this sooner!

Like Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Rogers & Hammerstein and the rest of the cast in "The Sound of Music" put words, music, personality, and emotion to one of the most popular love and life stories of all time, our own lives similarly take on the same. (Aren't we fortunate to have the opportunity to have witnessed such an amazing piece of musical and theatrical composition as "The Sound of Music"! What really strikes me most about it, is the artful and intentional way that Rogers & Hammerstein selected each and every note ("Do-Rey-Mi") and word they chose to include....right down to the whisper.)

If I hadn't loved this film enough since the very first time I remember watching it as a young girl, incredibly, it has recently become even more meaningful to me. Beth and her daughter, Devan, came to Scottsdale during their summer holiday and spent a weekend with me while getting our FMF Compagnie inventory photographed and ready to post on our website: (Huge thanks to our dear friend, Diana Boatwright for the use of her "oh so sweet" camera!) 

So, you can imagine it......girls weekend...much chatter, catching up, excitement, laughs, tears, hugs, and sharing our appreciation and love for antiques and vintage pieces (a.k.a. our amazing FMF inventory).  The crowning jewel of our weekend together though was listening to one of Devan's self-proclaimed favorites, (keep in mind she is a college student), "The Sound of Music" ...all the while working like busy little bees!
Amazing, right?......I mean, the blessings in life that we most often don't expect, like weekends with the sweetest girlfriends anyone could ask for........but also,when we come across the work of craftsmen from the past who put such thought and effort into artifacts that remain and remind us of our history and heritage. These things take us back to special places, people, memories, or help us to imagine the lifestyle or necessities of our ancestors.

Like the Beech Wood Canterbury once used to hold music scores and the piano stool.....maybe used when the music student performed the Sound of Music at the piano! Or the antique English Postal Scale.  There are three brass weights that match the weight of a letter or two.......still with the scale. Could it have been a love letter?

It is also fun to idealize using the fishing basket out in the English is from the Cotswold area of England where the fishing and streams are abundant. Maybe a picnic by the stream, fishing pole in the water, hoping to catch a "big one".

Or this Antique Hand-Painted Tole Tray that has a scene of Mary & Joseph with their donkey, traveling to Bethlehem. It truly is stunning and an amazing portrayal of one artist's remembrance and homage to a miracle! The sweet red and cream French pillow has a lovely floral theme hallowing the beautiful gardens of France, and the scalloped tray has inlaid mother-of-pearl and is made of paper mache'.  Pearls and paper.......who would have thought?  Can you imagine the talent of the artists who designed these pieces?

Please don't let a day pass without intentionally transforming your house into your home, a home filled with those you love and things that remind you of... that whatever "that" may be. It is and has always been our intention to find "rare, unusual, and authentic" pieces that might just be what you are looking for.

We have some fun events coming up this fall........fundraisers, vintage container sales, an open house.  If you are interested in learning more about our FMF Compagnie calender, feel free to email us at or check our our webiste: where we have added many new items since girls' weekend! We think you might just enjoy taking a peek!

In the meantime........keep doing good because "Something Good" will come of it!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

FMF Compagnie's Market Debut

July 28, 2013 will forever go down in our own little personal history books as a day to cherish and remember!  It was our FMF Compagnie's very first market debut, a dream come true for both Beth and I.

The week prior to our market, we were busy finalizing some beautiful additions to our collection. I had mirrors being set, framing being done, upholstery to complete, pillows to finish and the list goes on.... (Important note:  When sifting through the photos below, don't miss the stunning antique maps of England! That was one of my most rewarding tasks the week prior to our show.)  It was a full week of preparation.

Beth had arrived in Santa Monica a few days before our market and spent some much needed time with her family there. I wish I had been a mouse to see their delight when she arrived!  Her home in Castle Combe, England, is an 8 hour time difference and add to that 20 hours of travel.......I can't imagine what a long trip it was for her.  I think Beth mentioned naps on the beach ....... necessary for recovery!!

When Friday came, Mike and I set out in the hot Arizona heat to load the trailer.  I think it reached 105 degrees that day and it was extremely humid.  For those of you who ask us how we survive in the Arizona summer heat, we claim that is "dry heat".......but not that day!  Every inch of our beings was drenched by the time we finished, and needless to say, we were so glad when the last little treasure was loaded into the trailer.

On Saturday it was up early and on the road by 6 am!  Honestly, Mike and I love the early morning and watching the sun as it was rising was just breathtaking and so peaceful as we drove.  Time to reflect and think about everything that had gone into preparing for our show.

I will tell you that I was a bit nervous, wanting to make sure that everything traveled safely inside of the trailer and that the market would go well, and also very anxious and excited to see Beth again!  Mike shook his head whenever I grabbed the FMF lavender sachet I had tucked in my bag and held it to breathe in the lavender scent hoping to calm my nerves!

We arrived in Santa Monica about 1 pm.  All morning, I had been thinking about the market and the beautiful things Beth and I had found, gathered, and made and.......well.........I was also really thankful to know that finally this day had come.  As you know, it has been a dream for Beth and I for many years and when I saw this sign.......I couldn't even hold the camera still, I was so excited! 

Since we knew it was going to be a short night, Mike and I went to our hotel and had an early dinner.  It was particularly lovely, eating right on the harbor in Marina Del Rey.  But not to dilly dally, off to bed because the alarm was set for 11:00 pm sharp!

At almost exactly 12:01 am on Sunday, July 28, 2013, we pulled into the parking area of the Santa Monica Airport and right behind us we were Beth and her children, Devan and Cody and Cody's sweet friend, Katherine.  What a fun exchange of hugs and greetings we all had.  It literally had been years since I had seen Devan and Cody!  They grew up with my children, Phillip and Nico and you know how sentimental we get as we get older, my heart was just flooded with fond memories of their growing up years together. (Yes, I have stories, but I will save them for another day.......)

On to the task at hand.....setting up our one-day store front!  It was dark!  Only a few dim street lights lit up the parking lot area and once we checked in with the security attendant and found our space, we immediately began unloading our FMF treasures.  Devan, Cody, and Katherine made the night fun and were such help!

I do believe we moved and arranged and displayed until the first rays of sun started to peek through the darkness.  It was a long night, but I think you will agree, well worth the effort!

It seems to me that at this point in the story, you might just want to get on with seeing all of the fun things we have, so I'm not going to stand in your way!  Enjoy the next series of photos of our "FMF Compagnie Store"
and after you've viewed the photos, let us know if you see anything you want to inquire about:
Welcome to FMF Compagnie's Market Debut!

Beth and I are so excited to tell you that our website is fully up and running.  We haven't posted everything quite yet, so if you see something here that you love, feel free to email us and we can let you know if we still have it in stock.  Do check it out: 

Our debut at the Santa Monica Airport Antique & Collectible Market - it was a success in many ways!  In our future......many more treasures to come!

Enjoy and do comment if you can't help but love what you see!