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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Arcadia Citrus Groves, 

Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

Remember our post back in May about "Special Occasions"...there were a few reasons for the post, one being the opportunity given to us by our friend Heidi to re-make her beautiful burlap Arcadia Citrus Groves pillow. The pillow highlights a very special and loved heritage of our neighborhood, fondly referred to as "Arcadia" by its residents. Arcadia's name and roots have deep meaning "...This desert oasis of beautifully landscaped Phoenix homes was named for Virgil’s Arcadia: a peaceful, pastoral region of ancient Greece", and has its own page on the Historic Phoenix website as well as its own neighborhood newspaper publication, Arcadia News. Residents here in Arcadia enjoy large lush lots that were literally once acres and acres of citrus groves. Since divided and dotted with large homes, built during the 1920's. It is a very special place and feels much like a small town tucked away, crossing over the borders of Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. 

When you drive down the wide streets and boulevards in Arcadia, a prominent feature in the landscape are the rows upon rows of citrus trees......oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Beautiful and rich in color and a reminder of the bounty that bursts forth during the winter months in the southwest.

On October 19th, FMF Compagnie will be participating at a fundraising event at one of the local churches in Arcadia, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. The fundraiser will be benefiting many important causes, including the Prince of Peace Preschool where neighborhood little ones are cared for, and learn and grow every day. We are thrilled to be part of the festivities!

If you live in the area, do stop by! You will find some amazing treasures and support your local community at the same time. FMF Compagnie is also donating 10% of proceeds from sales that day to the preschool.

As Beth and I have been planning for the event, we were immediately inspired by Heidi's pillow........of course, "Arcadia Citrus Groves"! Of Course! Not only will we have many of our beautiful antiques and vintage pieces, pillows, and unique treasures, but we are highlighting our new line of soaps, citrus crates, homemade honey orange sauce (yummy!), kitchen towels, linen & burlap tote bags, fresh squeezed orange juice, beautiful preserved boxwood and citrus wreaths, Arcadia Citrus Groves T's, and we couldn't forget the citrus scented sachets........everything Arcadia Citrus Groves!
Beth and I are so fortunate to have Daryn Dree McCluskey (a.k.a. Beth's daughter) doing some amazing graphic design for us. She designed the labels you see above. Aren't they fun?! Since the Arcadia groves were at their peek during the 1920's, we've kept that theme, honoring the history and legacy they have left behind. You will see them at the event, in living color adorning our new line of products!

Before I go, I had to show you a sneak peak at another item we are debuting at the POP fundraiser. They are made from vintage books and re-designed as the most charming journals. The one in the photo is Louisa May Alcott's "Little Men"'s just precious. Note the 1940's dominoes and the "Author Cards" from the very old card game of authors.........they are all going to become part of the special packaging used for the journals. 

Come and see us in person.......October 19th, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 3641 N. 56th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85018. For more information call the church office: 480-945-9537 and you can always get in touch with us at:

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