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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Bursts Into Color

Sometimes I wonder how anything could be more beautiful and breathtaking than the amazing display God designed to be "Fall". Here in Arizona, you might say we live for fall to rescue us from the heat of summer and in many ways, bring life back to the Valley.

Having grown up in the Midwest, fall meant frosty temperatures, the end of my mother's beautiful vegetable and flower gardens and a bountiful harvest waiting to to be gathered in from the fields. It meant bonfires and hayrides with hot cocoa and cider. My heart is filled with warmth just remembering those wonderful times with family and friends. 

Fall Leaves in Wisconsin

My dear friend, Lorie, took this photo looking out into her yard from her home in Antigo, Wisconsin, our home town. The fall season never ever lasts long enough, and now since I live in the desert, it has taken on new meaning for me and my family. We get our fall "fix" by heading up north to visit Mom & Dad Funkhouser in the mountains where we enjoy fall colors and cocoa by the fireplace.

As Beth mentioned in her last post, London is alive with social gathering spots where a good cup of coffee wards off the brisk air. One of these days we will share one together once again. However, I doubt we will need coffee to give our conversation a little "buzz"! This is one of those really "juicy" things I love about sharing a passion for beauty and design with Beth....we get to create together!  And create we have done!

The Arcadia area in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ, is now coming alive with bursts of citrus colors as fruit begins to ripen, one of the desert's own bounty is again available by the bushel. As we blogged about previously, this unique fall display is the inspiration for our new line of products, everything Arcadia Citrus Groves!

Mike and I love to enjoy fall by getting out in the early morning on our bikes. This past weekend, we enjoyed a "hot" cup of coffee and stopped at the market. 

After we returned home, I began working in my studio and of course, Frank had to nestle in and help. I'm not sure he was really any help at all, but he's a funny little guy, always curious and ready to pounce on anything he deems the need to conquer. In spite of the extra entertainment, I was able to complete our design of some really fantastic Arcadia Citrus Groves tote bags. They are made of either burlap or white linen, are fully lined, and we love the old orange and grapefruit crate labels on the front.

This is fun, too, they are our Sweet Orange soaps, made especially for FMF Compagnie's Household Goods Division! ;) The soaps have a layer of oatmeal and settled down inside the orange layer is a loofah. The loofah makes the orange appear to have sections. This has become my new favorite foot scrub!  I love this soap!

You can't have soap without the towels! Ours are 100% cotton and have been finished with dotted trim and rickrack (isn't that a fun word?!!). We are loving this ode to our neighborhood and the history of our citrus groves.

Beth and I will also be adding Sweet Orange liquid hand soap, Arcadia Citrus Groves orange and grapefruit crates (in two sizes), dried boxwood floral pieces, Arcadia Citrus Groves pillows, fresh squeezed orange juice from none other than .....  you guessed it.........Arcadia Citrus Groves, and we can't wait to share our ACG Orange Honey and Orange Scones with you (sorry......these food items will only be available at the Prince of Peace Bazaar).

Remember, everything Arcadia Citrus Groves and FMF Compagnie Household Goods. You will find them on our website soon:, on our Etsy site, and also at the upcoming Prince of Peace Craft, Book & Bake Bazaar. Come check out our new line of products along with some amazing antiques and vintage pieces! We look forward to seeing you there!

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