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Friday, January 3, 2014

Dream Big in 2014!

A very Happy New Year to each of you! 

The holidays are special for so many reasons. Beth and I both look forward to sharing our love for family and friends as we create and find beautiful and unique gifts to give them. Giving really is a refined art and you definitely know that you have touched the receiver's heart when you see it in their eyes or hear it in their voice. We hope that you were touched by a very special gift this Christmas.

With the new year upon us, like many of you, we are busy reflecting, setting goals, and filling our calendars with everything fresh and new. We are excited for the new opportunities and are ready to the new challenges 2014 brings our way!

2013 will go down in the FMF Compagnie history book as the year of our company's beginning and the start of many wonderful things ahead.

If you have checked our website lately, you will notice that most of our inventory is marked "Sold"! We are thrilled and truly feel blessed to have this "challenge"!  Now it's time to dream big and let our imaginations run wild and get to work on 2014!

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2014 promises to be a year full of fun, beauty, imagination and creativity. 

Don't forget to check our website often as we add new treasures and re"imagine" old.

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