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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tiny English Cottages & French Farmhouses
Just this past week Beth and I had exchanged a note where we shared our dreams of places we would like to live and homes we long to have. It was a moment between best of friends, sort of like the sisterhood of girlfriends. Don't you love to dream, especially with a friend or loved one? I sure do!

As you can imagine, Beth dreams about discovering another tiny English cottage. I can't wait until she finds it so she can share with us everything she does to make it stunning. (Have you seen our FMF Compagnie Pinterest Board that shows Beth's Cozy Cottage in the Cotswold area of England? Do check it out! It's more than charming and dreamy!)

Me, on the other hand, I have French blood from my dear grandmother, Madge Louise LaChapelle, and grew up in north central Wisconsin on my family's dairy farm. That alone should give you enough reason to believe I dream of that large white French farmhouse with a huge, comfortable porch, shutters hung by each window, a beautiful old barn, trees that touch the clouds (one must have a swing included!), rolling green fields, maybe some cows, and probably some chickens! 

I spent some time before Christmas back in the Midwest for my son, Nico Elwardt's graduation from Navy Boot Camp. I must say, what a blessing to see your children make excellent choices for their lives! I have always been a proud mom of Phillip and Nico (and my stepdaughter, Taylor), but now I get to add "Navy Mom" to my set of titles! I couldn't be more thankful.
Sr. Nico J. Elwardt
Jackie, Nico, & Phillip
(Sorry.......slight diversion.......but a very important diversion that was!)

So, back to the story......when I went to Wisconsin in December, I had the pleasure of seeing my sister Judy's chickens. They were living like queen hens and king roosters and all nestled in their little castle of a coop. Her chickens are particularly beautiful if a chicken can qualify for beautiful! I was so taken by them that I scrambled to take these photos on my phone.......suffice it to say, I wish they were clearer photos. However, I'm confident you get the idea!

One day, I will have some of my own and then I will hang out my shingle, "Farm Fresh Eggs for Sale"! I can't wait. I'm already designing their chicken coop!

I've also been busy working on some fun projects here.... in the city........sigh.........

I'm excited to show you the pillows that I made from some of the French floral fabric Beth sent.  Remember this?
Well, it turned into these......

Recently I made several pillows to fill a custom order and I hope to share more of those photos with you soon. These were only two of the eight pillows I made!

Then there was the piece of barn board hanging around in my garage for decades. I came across it again right before Christmas and immediately knew where I needed to use it.

I had monogrammed burlap sachets filled them with lavender and hung them from the board.......I have it hanging right by my front door to always remind me to speak with love. Isn't it fun? I have the burlap monograms in white also, and I can change it for spring. It's a one-of-a-kind, but if you are interested in having one, we could make a similar version for you.

I have to show you the railroad nails I found to use as the hooks on the barn board.  I used two more of them on the cushion you see below.

They are not spikes, but larger nails than I have ever seen, about 4" long, and each nail head has a number forged into it. Aren't they fun?!  

My little farm stool needed some refining, so, I made a rustic, lumpy cushion for the top and instead of your typical button tufting, I opted to nail right through the cushion with my most favorite ever ...railroad nails!

I can't wait to use it in my dreamy French Farmhouse one day! 

Here is another lovely project that Beth and I worked together on. This charming set of lavender-filled sachets and monogrammed pillows will become a wedding shower gift for a dear friend's daughter.

Aren't they precious! We have so many beautiful things that would make lovely bridal or wedding gifts on our Etsy site. 

Like most of you, when February rolls around, I find myself immediately jumping to the middle of the month, thinking about "Saint Valentin" or Valentine's Day! 

That has kept me busy sewing, photographing, and posting some sweet Valentine's gifts on our Etsy site. 

I'm off to finish some other fun projects while I keep dreaming of that huge white French farmhouse!

So, I leave you with a little reminder to use the next couple weeks before Valentine's Day to cherish those you love. 

Oh, and buy them a vintage linen sachet filled with fragrant lavender to mark the day from our FMF Compagnie shop!



  1. Just beautiful! Please thank Nico for his service to our country!

    Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you, Laura! I will tell Nico and I know it will mean a lot to him.

      Happy Valentine's Day to you!