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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Design Connections

This week my husband's parents were in the Scottsdale area after returning from a short vacation. It was the first time we had seen them since their most recent anniversary. It is always fun to catch up with them and to hear about their adventures.

In honor of their anniversary, I wanted to give them a special reminder of our appreciation for love and family, the kind they always model to us. So, I started going through some of my linens and came across a towel that mom had given to me several months ago. The white linen towel had a diminutive checkered pattern in the linen and the front decorative edge was the most incredible tatted lace with a darling embroidered floral medallion.

Mom told me that the towel had been in the family for nearly 200 years, originally owned by Great Grandma Hazel........and yet it was in pristine condition. What a treasure it was and is!

It was the inspiration I needed for the prefect gift and of course, something this special should stay in the family. So the slight transformation began.....

I made simple zippered cover for the down pillow form out of pure white cotton. Then I used the towel to make a slip cover of sorts, securing it with a darling vintage button.

During all of our years working together, I learned so much from Beth about making gifts special. She has mastered the art for certain! I've always been thankful for that lesson.

So, the cellophane wrapping and white bow were the finishing touches and perfectly showcased the pillow as Mom and Dad's anniversary gift.

The project definitely inspired me to use the concept for heirloom gifts that have been re-designed from coveted family heirloom linens. What precious gifts for weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, or just that special occasion. Send yours to me and we will create a memorable, treasured gift for you!

During this last week of February, Beth and I have been inspired by a host of artists and designers, including each other! Did you see Beth's blog about the London Design Museum and the Paul Smith Exhibit?  Just click on the link or scroll on down and you will find it below.

From London, Beth has also been adding some very special things to our Pinterest page. Click to peruse through some of the most inspiring art boards! I love getting lost in fine design, don't you?!

Last evening was my most recent and very uplifting design inspiration. FMF Compagnie has just become an Industry Partner with ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and we could not be more excited and proud of joining this amazing group!

 ASID Industry Partner

The ASID North Chapter hosted their Chapter Meeting at the Scottsdale Artists' School. 

Professionals from several Design and Construction organizations converged upon this charming venue to network and share in learning more about expanding and growing our businesses. The program was super and it was a privilege to begin more new friendships within the group.

This is Cindy Lewton, the darling gal who reached out to me to bring FMF Compagnie and ASID together. Cindy is the principal of Cindy Lewton Design Group and is an award-winning designer who helps businesses grow through connections.  Cindy has developed “Business Connections by Design” that brings businesses in direct contact with clients, and strengthen vendor relationships with designers.  Her commercial design projects also are driven by attracting targeted markets through branding, messaging and connections, resulting in substantiated business growth. In addition to everything else she does, Cindy is an author on Designers Circle HQ.

The event was lovely, though I couldn't help but be delightfully distracted by the incredible talent of local artists in the halls of Scottsdale Artists' School.

 Here are a few of the pieces that struck me.....

I love that colorful rooster. It reminds me of my farm-family roots back in Wisconsin and also of the need for color in design.

This old truck in the field caught my eye.....along with the peaceful desert hare. And how sweet is the baby safe and sleeping in mommy's arms?!

This piece is for Beth and the memories of her years in Arizona! The desert mountains in Arizona, especially in spring, are a sight to behold!

Last night when I was getting ready to attend the event, I was without a handbag to match my outfit....or so I thought. I scrambled to locate a super fun vintage bag I had purchased years ago from an estate sale. 

Which reminded me of this artist's work.

Somehow I think of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the era of feminine sophistication. I loved this one!

How's all of that for inspiration?! It makes me want to get back into my little FMF Compagnie studio and create! Would you like to join me? 


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