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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ain't it a glorious day?

So begins  "Jolly Holiday" from Mary is a Bank holiday and Bert and Mary head out to the park on a beautiful English afternoon and escape to an enchanting world of make believe. Jim and I had our Bert and Mary "Jolly Holiday" today, except no turtles and walking on the pond!

It has been a glorious Bank Holiday weekend (first Monday in May, every year) and Jim and I just returned from walking through Southwark Park. It first opened in 1869 and is 63 acres filled with historical trees that umbrella the walkways, beautiful water features, sculptures and a special rose and herbaceous garden.
I could easily imagine the scene from the movie Mary Poppins as we sat on a bench in a beautiful herbaceous garden overlooking a pond with a gorgeous weeping willow tree. The birds were singing and chirping and whistling all around us.
We both commented how pleasing it was to hear the birds, while secretly hoping one would fly down and land on Jim's shoulder and start whistling Jolly Holiday. No such luck... but we did remember a favorite movie, soaked up some sun and listened to the beautiful birds singing.

I'm so anxious to see Jackie's progress on her studio! We have emailed back and forth often and she is sharing what she has been doing daily. With a crazy busy schedule she was so thoughtful to remember my birthday and sent a glorious floral arrangement from Igloo Flowers. What a lovely surprise when we returned home to find them waiting at our flat's door! The bouquet was gorgeous filled with peonies, lilies, hydrangeas and roses and all in my favorite color pink.
 Jim and I have been antiquing and finding some treasures to send back to the States. Just wanted to share a few of our finds with you:

Wonderful cloth tape measure from Sheffield, England. A piece like this adds a wonderful quality to a table or desk, especially clustered with other rarities.

Beautiful patina on this leather railway man's bag. He would have kept tickets and money in it as he walked the aisles collecting. It is in great condition and could still be used as a bag today or we think it would be wonderful hung on a wall and store special letters, envelopes, and/or office supplies.

We again found some special elementary school maps. This one was for studying the Colonial Powers.

This is a OAK grape pickers basket! Typically, you see willow... but this rare one is OAK. Even the shoulder straps are oak! It is from the late 1800's and is a beautiful piece! It is 43" tall. It will be gorgeous hung on a wall just on its own or filled with lavender.

We love warm and fresh French bread and these old bread baskets are charming. They are wicker below the fabric and they definitely have been used through the years!

These magnificent antlers are from Germany and are awesome when clustered together on a wall.

These late 1800's Swedish bench and chair remind us of summer days in Sweden and will be beautiful accent pieces in a hall, sun room or living room. Very pretty finish and all new upholstery in a soft green and white stripe.

We found a pair of vintage French laundry tongs and an increasingly hard to find bread board. We love to cluster them on a wall.

As the day was closing in on us, we stumbled upon this antique butler table tray and stand. It would be a great side bar table with crystal decanters, collection of glassware and bar accessories.

This is a 39" diameter willow basket from Europe! Filled with fruit, gourds or even flowers it will make any table a special and welcoming sight. We have hung them on a wall in a hall or kitchen... they truly add dimension and an earthy feel.

We found this early 1900's laundry basket with rare leather straps and hinges buried underneath a pile of fabrics. It is 34" wide and 20" high, so would make a side table or coffee table.
The "Jolly Holiday" is coming to a close, but I'll still be dreaming of dancing on turtles tonight as I go to sleep. Half way around the world Jackie will be singing "Whistle as I Work" as she sews window treatments and begins to set up her new studio. Have fun and share with us Jackie a few pictures if you have time! We are all excited to see what has gotten done this week.

Jackie here........
I'd just wish I could be in England enjoying a day like today with Beth. On our bucket list, to shop at the antique fairs together one day soon. You must agree, she has some amazing pieces coming over in our next container! We are excited!

I've been busy with many details on the Studio and while some of these photos were from earlier in the week, they mark the progress that is being made. 

Remember the old found red table legs? Here they are in the raw format of my vision for them, making a work table for the Studio. 

The color gray I'm using has a tad bit of brown in it. This is just the first coat beginning to take shape. 

And here is the fabric that I am using in the window coverings. The shades I'm making will be simple construction, pull shades. 

The window boxes are painted and filled and my picket fence for the front patio is next on the painting list.

 I can't wait to tell you all about much more this next weekend.

Until then....
Jackie & Beth 

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