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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A View of The Store, Take a Seat!

We've been settled into our new digs at Scottsdale Marketplace for more than a month already and yes, we feel part of the group for sure.

Beth is a pro and has many years of successful retail experience in different venues but for me, owning my own retail business been a new adventure. I am admittedly in love with everything about having a storefront.... <3

I officially love:

  • Our customers
  • Our booth space
  • Our beautiful and fun one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Our creativity shining through
  • Our fresh take on antiques and vintage pieces
  • Our eclecticism
  • Time at the store freshening & designing the space
  • The "funky" 80's love songs and music that pipes through the entire store
  • Chitti the owner and the darling gals who work at Scottsdale Marketplace
  • Cookie, the store mascot who "rescued" us with his sweet brown eyes and nudging nose
I'm pretty sure I don't even know all of the reasons why I love it. Maybe it's because it has been a lifelong dream for me to have a store, maybe because I am privileged enough to do what I love, and maybe it's because I get to partner with one of the most talent women I know, my friend Beth. Maybe someday I will discover all of the reasons why......but for now, I'm just going to love it!

It's been really fun to see what summer shoppers in Scottsdale, Arizona are looking for. One thing I've learned is that my best designing and offerings are a result of staying true to myself. I know Beth can say the same, she taught me for goodness sake.

When I dropped off a set of pillows at the store today, I snapped a couple of photos of some new things you may not have seen.

These stunning Italian Fortuny shades on our website before. Well, they have found a new home atop these antique custom-fabricated cast iron lamps. The cast iron pieces are from an old gate and have this rich mix of rust, brown, black, gray, and verdigris........they really are neat pieces. I think their style fits really well with the classic lamp shades. And.......don't forget to notice the amazing antique Victorian cast iron window frames as mirrors that hang behind the lamps. LOVE THEM!

Another fun pair is our bleached wood dining chairs by Kindel Furniture Company. They are beautiful vintage pieces with extra wide seats and such a luxurious feel as you sit on them.

These petite antique French armchairs have been upholstered in antique hand-dyed linen on the face and seat, but paired with a darker, contrasting and textured linen on the back. I think I had shown you the single before it's mate was completed. Together they make a great statement.

I think I have a chair fetish..........

No, really, I do. They are one of my favorite things to design and have at the shop.

This is precisely why I jumped right in when my friend Adrienne Hart, President of the local chapter of IFDA Arizona (International Furnishings and Design Association), offered that I participate in the upcoming IFDA Take a Seat exhibition.

Each designer is slated to create a one of a kind up-cycled chair that will be on public display for ten days and then be auctioned off for charity. This year, the local chapter will support "Helping Heroes at Home", a cause near and dear to our hearts.

This is the second annual IFDA Take A Seat exhibition where six chapters across the country will have simultaneous design exhibitions to raise awareness and funds for great local charities. Last year, IFDA chapters in New York, San Diego and Osaka, Japan conducted the first ever international simultaneous design exhibition that benefited the Japan Tsunami Relief and Hurricane Sandy Relief.

Isn't that cool!!??!! Of course, the wheels are already turning and I will keep you updated with our chair's progress. In addition to following our progress, it would be great if you checked on the event by one of the links above and join us for the unveil and auction coming up in September.

Oh........just so you know, don't get too comfortable sitting there on your chair, enjoying this blog because...

...our new container is scheduled to arrive in the next couple of days and you must come to the shop to see our new inventory in person!

I promise............there are some pretty darn awesome chairs included!!


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