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Friday, August 15, 2014

Deconstructed Artistry

**Note, if you read nothing else in this post, at least scroll down and admire the stunning photo of the Napoleonic French Chairs by Vervain!! You won't be sorry!

So, I was at the grocery store the other day, waiting in the check-out line when I spotted and decided to peruse through the latest issue of Veranda Magazine. It has long been one of my favorites!

I wish I could say I'm a novel reader and have read classics like Earnest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea" or J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" ...not so much; however, I may force myself day.

My attention span and thirst for the creative seem to be best attended to by beautiful color photos and amazing magazine spreads. I buy magazines for their inspiration and while I do read the articles, I find that I much prefer to soak in the interior designs and beautiful photography. One thing I do look for is how all of my beloved publications and their editors are using technology and social media.

I've recently become a Twitter user. Never did I EVER think I would figure out how to use and absorb Twitter, but now I think I'm officially a "Tweep" - "A user-created conjunction from Twitter and Peeps usually referring to the followers of the person using the word."

Who knows, I may even have "Tweeple" by now. (Oh my gosh, I really did just laugh out loud!) That all just sounds so funny to me. Seriously, though, I've actually had to search the Internet for the definitions of some of the new social media language. Not only do I "friend" and "like" on Facebook, but now I "follow" on Twitter! If you use Twitter, you can find me here: @JNFunkhouser.

Here are a few of my new favorite "Tweeple" to "follow" on Twitter:

- Chip and Joanna Gaines from the HGTV show, Fixer Upper - @chippergaines and @themagnoliamom
- Amy Vermillion, Nationally Published Interior Designer and one of my favorite people to "follow" on Pinterest - @vermillionamy
- Southern Living Magazine - @Southern_Living 
- Sid Evans, the new editor of Southern Living - @SidMemphis
- Libby Langdon, Author, Interior Designer extraordinaire and a very long list of credentials - @libbylangdon
- Brooke Giannetti, Interior Designer and Author, who partners with her architect husband, Steve Giannetti to complete some incredible living spaces - @velvetandlinen

While I'm loving the new community of inspiration I've found in all of these social media venues, I still love going back to my hard copy magazines to relax and unwind after a long day. I purchased that Veranda magazine from the grocery you want to know why??

This is why........

It stopped me dead in my tracks.......two reasons:
  1. The stunning fabric from Vervain
  2. The chair........the chair, the chair! 
First of all, I love the how this fabric bridges the gap between the chic new color trends I've seen recently, and the romantic, traditional, yet classic print statement. The fabric itself is pure artistry, blending old and new!

And, what about the chair? Well, let me show you the antique deconstructed French Napoleonic Chair we've just added to our shop inventory.

Yes, that's why! Because the Vervain spread in Veranda matched my vision and gave added dimension to design possibilities for our deconstructed French and English antique chairs. (Will you just look at those old brass casters?!!)

Blending old and new, the finest artistry!

Speaking of artistry, here are more fabulous photos of our deconstructed pieces.  **They were taken by David Creighton, an amazing young photographer with so much success ahead of him. (You can ask him to shoot for you but only when I don't need him! OK, just kidding...I think.)

I hope you have the same inspiration and vision for these amazing pieces of art as I have. When I look at the details in each, I am reminded of the talented craftsmen of old who designed and built these chair frames oh so long ago.

Whether you use them as they are with their charming old burlap and muslin, or if you decided to add new fabric like the designers at Vervain did.....they bring class and presence to any space. You can find them in our Crossing the Pond collection and our Furniture collection.

Beth and I also love this more masculine chair by Vervain.  We have some terrific inspiration for masculine pieces coming this fall, but for now you know the truth, not only do I have a chair fetish, but I also have fabric envy! Lord help me! :)


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