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Monday, February 2, 2015

Galvanized Love

It's the beginning of a new year, no's already February! Valentine's Day is upon us, a time to remind those special people in our lives that we love them. 

Beth and I LOVE you......our readers and customers! We especially love having you follow and comment on our blog, follow our Pinterest boards, like our Facebook page, visit our online shop and Scottsdale store located inside Scottsdale Marketplace. They are great ways to keep in touch with us and see what we've been up to. Find us by clicking on the icons on the right side of this page.

 Monogrammed tin heart

I think it's time for spring, do you agree? It's time for fresh new life at the shop, as well. I've spent some time re-designing this week using everything green and galvanized with English gardens on my mind!

Here are some of charming galvanized garden pieces we have in stock. 

Vintage Galvanized Two-Handled Pot
Galvanized Stacking Bins
Galvanized Shelving & Vintage Galvanized Sap Buckets
Galvanized Tin Tray Organizer with Magnetic Clothes Pin Clips
Vintage Galvanized Mossy Watering Can - No. 10
Antique English Biscuit Tin
Rusty Garden Finial
Antique English Garden Tools and Rustic Garden Pots
Old Handmade Wooden Tool Box
Antique English Iron Hose Reel
Vintage Hungarian Galvanized Garden Sink
Beth has written several posts on the lovely English gardens in the U.K. and Castle Combe. She has also found several of these charming galvanized sinks, and we've carried them in stock at different times. (You really should check out our Pinterest page with some of the "Garden Inspiration" we love.) 

We've seen them used in some incredibly clever garden and outdoor designs. 

 Vintage Galvanized Sink
Vintage Galvanized Sink Garden
Williams Sonoma creatively displays a vintage sink as a contained salad garden. So great for a small garden space on your patio.

Have you seen the most recent issue of Veranda? Brooke Giannetti's Patina Farm project was featured in the Magazine's January - February 2015 Issue, "Homes with Heart".

Veranda Magazine January February 2015 Issue
We love the way Brooke uses her vintage galvanized sink in the chicken coop and what a great collection of galvanized watering cans.
Brooke Giannetti, Patina Farm
Well, Beth just sent another shipment of these charming vintage galvanized sinks to Scottsdale, and I can't wait to get them in stock! They are always a big hit with our customers.

Let us know if you need one for your design or stop in at our Scottsdale Marketplace shop to see all of the galvanized garden charm we love!

Happy Valentine's Day!