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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hand-Printed Les Indiennes Fabrics, Pillows, & Bedding

We've been using the beautiful, hand-blocked and hand-printed Les Indiennes fabric since our company started. The gorgeous prints, colors, and luxurious fabric content make Les Indiennes a staple for our pillows, upholstered pieces, and unexpected items.

 Antique Beech Wood Chair in Les Indiennes
Antique Beech Wood English Chair in Les Indiennes
We love the way these beautiful fabrics work with seamlessly with our antique pieces. 

 Antique Corner Bobbin Chair in Les Indiennes
Antique English Corner Bobbin Chair in Les Indiennes
Petite Custom Pillow in Les Indiennes

And now, we are excited to partner with Alison and Mary at Les Indiennes to carry their complete line of fabrics, bedding, table linens, and pillows.

They have been getting some nice press. Here is a bit from House & Garden UK.

 House & Garden UK Les Indiennes

 House & Garden UK Wicker Sun Loungers in Les Indiennes
House & Garden UK, Wicker Sun Loungers in Les Indiennes

House & Garden UK, Patterned Cushions in Les Indiennes

And, here is a spread in Veranda.........just lovely!

 Veranda March April 2015

We are thrilled and excited to offer this lovely selection of hand-crafted fabric, quilts, duvets, pillows, table linens to you in our Scottsdale Marketplace location. Our new inventory will arrive in April, so come visit us to see how you can use them in your home decor.

We can't wait to see you!!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Rustic or Refined

Here's a confession I think we can all share........sometimes I second guess myself and my design choices and why I chose to wear THAT outfit, and know.

I love this little saying, torn from cloth, reminding us to not only Believe in Yourself but to Be You!

It's in these moments I am so thankful to have a heritage born from the heart that teaches me on a daily basis to trust that quiet, still voice in my heart.

I may feel a little rusty some days, but today I'm turning that into sharing our rusty and rustic inventory with you. It's all beautiful, worn, aged, crumpled, full of stories, full of history, and charming and delightful........and I only hope to be one day!!

How charming are these galvanized trug tables. The trugs are removable and perfect for gardening or as planters.

I can't stop smiling when I see the little birds hovering under the top of this iron bistro table. So sweet for a patio or side table. It's green........lovely green.

I've admitted before that I have a chair fetish........well, I think I have a locker basket fetish, too. This darling iron and wire shelf has two locker baskets for contained storage. I love the hooks from the bottom, too. I could definitely see this in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

Did your grandmother's house have pressed tin ceilings? I honestly can't remember if the farmhouse on my grandparent's acreage in Iowa had tin ceilings or not, but somehow, I fall in love with anything made of them, this stunning mirror framed with the tin ceiling molding is included!

And, speaking of my Gram, she was a master seamstress.........and this darling petite dress form reminds me of her, too.

How about that, drawers that measure themselves.........hehe. Seriously darling trays that will look great anywhere. Notice the rusty handles.

During the Christmas season (or any time), I love having these tall handled baskets to display and store logs by the fireplace. Great for towels in the bathroom or a stylish place to stand your garden tools.......

I'm taking these to my mom's house this morning. She might need one of these funky willow trays for her bathroom. They have chunky rope handles........There you have it, chunky and funky all in one! :)

So, that is all new inventory you can find at our Scottsdale Marketplace location or contact me directly if you are interested, I will send measurements and pricing........and we ship!!

Don't forget to check out the rustic and refined things we have in our online shop at FMF Compagnie.

This cow watering bowl needs to be "planted" in your garden with flowers and vines or what a fun little bird bath.

Rustic French green panel shutters for an incredible entry, on a veranda, or even in your potting shed (lucky potting shed!).

There is so much more to see, so do check our website for rustic home inspiration.

Be inspired today! Rustic or refined...........either way, you can't lose!