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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Camelot - The Lusty Month of May

I woke this morning to the lovely chatter of birds outside my window, singing, feasting and basking in aftermath of spring rain. It was a lovely chorus!

I knew I wanted to send you a message today, so, what did I do.....jumped out of bed, got my coffee and madly entered a search into Google. There was a song about May that I wanted to share with you.
*Tip-click on the video below and let it play while you read. It's a tad bit long but so very worth it.

Sierra Boggess singing The Lusty Month of May from BBC Proms 2012 - Broadway Sound

May is a glorious month! Brilliant, the way Lerner and Loewe marries the spirit of May in the words and lyrics. By the way, I'm adding this to my bucket list...hearing the BBC Orchestra and Sierra Boggess live.

Our high school drama team performed the musical "Camelot" when I was a Senior (ohhh, that was so long ago). I loved being a part of such a wonderful group and I'm always thankful for the inspiration, insight, and wisdom of teachers and mentors who give us an opportunity to appreciate the arts and life in general. Thanks to Facebook, I still keep in distant touch with my high school English and Music teachers, Mrs. Herman, Ms. Johnson, and Mr. Anderson. They have touched so many lives through the years. 

It's really about touching lives, isn't it?!  I think about it quite often, wondering what my influence is on those around me. One of the things Beth and I have purposed in our building of FMF Compagnie, is to share beautiful treasures and accoutrements for the home, treasures that have been passed down from generation to generation, letting their legacy live on.

We've been busy this May! You already know that we've just moved into our second location. Savale's new sign is up in front of the shop as of yesterday!

 Savale - Flowers, Antiques
Savale, 7135 E. First Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ
It's lovely, don't you think?! Savale is a sweet, charming space.

 Mirrored Victorian Iron Window Frames
Antique Mirrored Victorian Iron Windows with original hardware
It's been really fun for me to collaborate with Lisa and her staff to highlight the shop and several pieces there. These Antique Victorian Iron Mirrored Windows reflect some really beautiful pieces you can see at Savale. 

Vintage French Ticking Pillows
These French Blue Ticking Strip Pillows aren't on our website yet, but you can find them in our space at Savale, as well as one of our signature offerings, monogrammed lavender sachets. Perfect personalized gifts and made of vintage and antique French linens.

Vintage French Linens as Lavender Sachets
Take a look at these dining chairs Lisa transformed using Annie Sloan chalk paint! They were golden oak before, but you'd never know it. What a vision for the lines in those chairs!

Dining Chairs in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
This week, we've had fun giving some color to our charming Galvanized Post Boxes. 

 Galvanized Post Box in French Country Yellow
Galvanized Post Box in French Country Yellow
 Galvanized Post Box in Light French Blue
Galvanized Post Box in Light French Blue
A perfect gift for newly weds, as a house warming gift, or maybe just something for you. You can see them on our Etsy site or in our spaces at Savale and Scottsdale Marketplace.

One of my dear friends sent me this photo while away in Glen Eagles, Scottland. It's beautifully spring there, too!

Enjoy every minute of this "Lusty Month of May"!

"Tra La" for now........


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Peek in the window of our new space...

Welcome to FMF Compagnie's shop at Savale! Our new space is bright and fresh, welcoming and charming, handsome and classic! Come take a peek.....

And, of course, Lisa Savale is doing some amazing work with her floral designs and has fresh bouquets, fresh herbs, lavender plants, and custom orders in stock every day. They are just lovely!

 Do stop in, we'd love to see you there!

Located in Savale: 
7135 E. First Avenue
Scottsdale, AZ