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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Treasures - Found and Finished!

Did you enjoy the link in my last post to Sierra Boggess and the BBC Orchestra's presentation of Camelot's "The Lusty Month of May"? That particular composition just lifts my spirits. 

Truthfully, with May behind us now, here's a little secret... I turned "50" last month...OMGoodness, did I just say that? I signed up for an email subscription this morning and it asked me for my age range, needless to say, I just went up a level. 

Turning this half century old has caused me to reflect deeply on what's behind and purposefully move forward. I've never had a difficult birthday before this one, but let me tell you, this one took the cake. (Can you relate??) Good news, I've recovered and am very excited to see what's next!

And so, as with life, I thought I should "wrap up" some unfinished projects. 

Here is the first one...I found this Camelback-shaped upholstered headboard last fall (I know, it's taken me a while, huh?!). It was ready to be thrown in the trash and like all of those little stray kittens I used to "save" when I was growing up on the farm, I had to save this, too!

Something about the beautiful hardwood frame and the curves and detail spoke to me. I'm pretty sure the green and yellow brocade fabric wasn't going to stay for long!

After removing the old trim, fabric and nearly a thousand tiny upholstery tacks, I discovered that underneath the fabric, the headboard was really tufted. Even better, I love tufted upholstery pieces.

This long white bench is one of the pieces we've done. It's upholstered in an antique French linen sheet and you can find it in our Scottsdale Marketplace shop or our online store.

 White Linen Tufted Bench

I had considered having the headboard upholstered in the same white linen we used on the bench, but instead found a light "carmely" (I may have just invented that word...) tan coarse linen that I thought would be perfect. 

I was excited to FINALLY see the headboard completed this past week. I loved putting it in place at the head of the stunning Les Indiennes bed. It's in our Scottsdale Marketplace shop. 

Don't you love the transformation?! I can hardly believe it's the same headboard. It's king size and made of hardwood, very heavy!

Of course, we love all of the gorgeous hand-blocked and hand-printed bedding mixed with the vintage headboard and antique grain sack bolster pillow. Did you notice the antique map of Great Britain hanging behind the headboard? It's an old cloth-backed scrolled university map depicting "Land Utilisation".

 Antique University Map of Great Britain
Antique University Map of Great Britain

 Antique University Map of Great Britain

We love the finished look of the bed and each component around it!

I also just placed some new inventory at our Savale shop at 7135 East First Avenue in Scottsdale. 

This gorgeous antique Chippendale arm chair is beautifully carved and I love how the larger brass studs add to the scale of the chair.

Antique Chippendale Arm Chair in Linen and Brass Studwork
Had you seen this beautiful antique English side chair? It has incredible inlaid marquetry detail. I think it would be beautiful as a vanity chair. The hand-blocked table throw in chocolate has been a popular item. We are getting more selection in soon and you can find them at both of our locations. 

Antique English Marquetry Side Chair
We've also added 4 antique Civil War era newspapers with Certificates of Authenticity from The Valley Forge Art Gallery. What a great addition to an office, library, or study. 

Just for fun, we found some darling totes and shoulder bags made from reclaimed canvas and leather. You might need one for your summer travels, I say!

Also, don't miss out on Savale's new candle selections. They are yummy!

Come see us soon! 

Ta ta for now.


From ta ta (or ta-ta) by addition of for now to emphasize hope that the parting will not be permanent.


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